Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Mad rush now as the summer season begins.  Lots of visitors to the valley and things are looking as if they are getting back to normal, with visitors from Europe appearing after a couple of years away.  All of our staff managed to get some time off in June.  Carmen and I went to visit friends in Minorca, Maria Jose went off to La Linea and Gibraltar where she took a boat to dolphin-watch.  Much to her delight there were plenty about as the dolphins know the boats are there to watch them and they love to show off their skills, diving under the boats and surfing in their wakes and bow waves.  Lidia went off to Morocco for a few days with a friend and enjoyed her first trip to a Muslim country.  The lucky devil has another week in Morocco lined up after the summer season, which  she won in a draw at one of the trade shows she attended.  I went diving for the first time for ages whilst we were in Minorca, and was pleased that I had forgotten nothing about what was once an important part of my life.  There was a surprising amount of flora and fauna to be seen and the group I was diving with were all experienced and good fun.  Carmen and I spent a lot of time lazing on the beautiful beaches and calas in Minorca and came back looking tanned, healthy and rested.  We are nearing completion for our travel website and when that goes on-line I will let you know.  The girls are working hard to get as much as possible on the site, which will specialise in tailor-made holidays worldwide.  Having a couple of tourism graduates in Lidia and Maria Jose is a godsend, and they are very happy to have been given virtual free rein in the forming of a travel company of their own.  Fingers crossed for them, us and Sabika.

Carmen in a medieval garden in a Minorcan quarry

A minorcan sandstone quarry

Typical Minorcan bay

Lidia in Asilah

View across Tangiers