Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

A lot has happened since I last wrote.  A month´s worth as near as matters.  The first thing to happen after my last entry was for the rain to start again and it has continued til now, although the last few days haven´t been incessant.  The  “once in a lifetime” storms and rains which we are having every few days have become the norm.  The only benefit is that the reservoirs are now all full.  In fact they are more than full and the water coming in is matching the water being discharged. 

We had to go to Asturias this month as Carmen’s grandmother died.  It is a 2000km round-trip and I picked up the usual speeding fine.  It is almost impossible not to speed when there is motorway all the way, or at least for me it is.  I spend most of my time, as I´m sure do many motorists, thinking of ways to destroy those police cameras and how sneaky speed camaras are.  And then I pay up. 

This week saw the end of an era as the white Peugeot 205GTD which has seem me through six years of hard graft, finally had to be scrapped.  The constant abuse she has suffered meant that she would not be able to pass the MOT and with a heavy heart I had to let her go.  She went proudly, still storming away despite there having been no oil in the gearbox or water in the cooling system since October.  I tried to find another but they are few and far between now.  Instead I have a 19-year-old baby 4×4 which so far is going well, if not as fast and as exciting as the Peugeot.  For all those who have travelled in the Peugeot, and for the couple who were in her when the starter motor caught fire in a most dramatic fashion on the outskirts of Murchas, I would ask for two minutes silence.  I have been looking for a photo of her for the blog and posterity, but she seems to have been one of the unseen heroes of this world. 

It is Andalucia Day on Sunday which will see a host of parties in the Valley and the annual running race which shuts the Valley down for a couple of hours.  Lidia from the office is running so we will be there to cheer her on.  And that is that for now, I´ll try to write mor often in future.