Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

The Salerosa, our bar in Saleres, is going from strength to strength.  It is only open at the weekends but it already has a real family atmosphere.  The tapas are great and last Sunday we had a couple of people on guitar, one Spanish and one Cuban, giving us all an impromptu concert and general sing-along.  Then Alejandra cooked a paella and we all sat round, family-like, and ate and chatted.  I am getting to know the characters of the regulars and there is always a “happening” of some kind, some funny and some surreal.  This week Antonio Three was complaining about his hernia.  So the man who sells wine around the bars said that he was a healer and that he could fix that for him.  Lots of calls for a healing from all present, and the wine seller, whilst still sucking and chewing on his tooth-pick, told Antonio that he did his stuff by telepathy and didn´t need to lay on hands or even get up or ged rid of his tooth-pick.  He told Antonio that he was going to move the pain from his hernia down his leg to his foot and thence away into the floor.  Antonio was told to concentrate and the healing began.  Antonio was amazed.  He said that the pain had moved down to his groin, then his leg and then to his knee.  Then he got too excited and stopped concentrating and the healer couldn´t move it any further so he threw up his hands in disgust, went back to his wine and left Antonio clutching his throbbing knee.  Poor Antonio eventually hobbled out of the bar rubbing his knee and muttering to himself while everyone else was in hysterics.  Unless I see him around the village this week I will have to wait until next weekend to see where the pain is now.