Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Not much, in a word or two.  The weather has been inclement throughout virtually the whole of September, one week cold enough to force me to wear a fleece.  It has rained a lot although nowhere near as much as in the Great Flood of 2007 when half the valley was washed down the valley and into Beznar reservoir.  The rain started the day after I irrigated my finca, which is about par for the course but has at least meant that I haven´t had to go near the land for a month.  It will soon be cold enough for the weeds to make an appearance and the long grind begins again.  No wonder the oldies here can´t find anyone to work the land anymore.  Even though this year was a bumper one for almonds, the price is at rock bottom.

I am having a week  off this week as all but one of my sisters are coming over to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, so that should be an invigorating experience!!