Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Pepe with my tumbona

Pepe with my zambomba

A bit morose this morning, having followed the hearse from Pepe´s funeral along the road from Saleres to Melegis.  Pepe was a character from the village, always trying to trip me up with his crutches as I passed him sitting on a doorstep in the sun, or pretending to shoot me with it if I was too far away to trip.  I can´t remember if I ever heard him speak, but Carmen says that he mumbled a lot, but he was always laughing and playing the fool and had the most impish smile I have ever seen.  He used to use sign language to me, or shrug and grin.  In fact, I liked him so much that we used him for our 2007 Christmas card.  When I had Photoshopped the photos and we had had the cards printed, we took a few round to his house for him.  When we gave them to his wife she was delighted and said that she was going to put the picture on his tombstone, as is the custom here.  He just grinned when she said this and tried to trip me up again as I left.  I´ll miss his presence on Calle Llano.  He was one of the last old men left alive in the village, where we have a preponderance of widows.  From a different era, when life was much simpler, but also much harder, you can see his life  stitched into the contours of his face.

After Photoshop, the finished Christmas card

After Photoshop, the finished Christmas card