Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Every year for the last five years there has been a Citrus Festival in Melegis to celebrate the end of the citrus season, a sort of Harvest Festival cum Thanksgiving but Spanish.  There are a lot of sideshows, a marquee full of home produce and agricultural machinery and a huge marquee with a long bar on one side and a stage at the other. 

Painting competition winners Painting competition winners


It is a good excuse to have a drink with friends and to catch up on the price of oranges, which are never high enough for the farmers, to gossip about the villages and to find out who has died over the winter. And as tradition dictates, everyone has a plate of migas, a kind of fried semolina topped with salt cod, tomato, onion, black olives and of course slices of fresh orange, the basic ingredients of remojon. 

Champion cookess Champion cook


Viasur co-sponsors an annual painting competition in the local school and normally Carmen is invited to give away the prizes to the deserving children.  This year was no different and Lidia joined her on the stage to help with the proceedings.  In fact they stayed on the stage and gave out the prizes for the best prepared meal using citrus fruit as well.  Then there was a demonstration of dancing from the valley dancing group, which is always good to watch. 

This year it was Latin American dancing, led by an Argentinian dance instructor.  Then most people disappear to each other´s houses until it is time to shower and go to the fiesta in the evening.  Or rather the night, as it doesn´t kick in until gone midnight and lasts until the sun rises when it is traditional to eat churros and hot chocolate before  crawling off to bed.