Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

What attracts rock band drummers to this corner of Andalucia? Is it the same fatal attraction as the Yangtze River had on British goalkeepers?
First we had Chris Stewart from Genesis and then Alan White from Oasis. was it the noise of rock concerts that left them yearning for peace and quiet?
In the case of Chris Stewart it may have been his predilection with getting up close and personal with sheep. As he himself once said to a reporter, “The sheep love electric shears. The beauty of clean white wool purling off pink skin and revealing this naked creature beneath – it’s highly erotic.” Thankfully he lives on the wild side of the tracks in the Alpujarra so we don’t have to corral our sheep of an evening. Each to his own.
On this side of the Granada – Motril motorway things are a lot more civilised and that is where we have our business.
Alan White, after leaving Oasis in ‘somewhat unclear circumstances,’ lived in one of the villages in the valley, before moving on for reasons best known to himself.
There are quite a few musicians and writers either living here in the valley or with houses here. So if you are seeking inspiration for that all-elusive book or have a song buzzing around in your head that you want to get written down……..