Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

First snow of the season up above 10,000 feet (3000m in new money)yesterday. It has gone this morning but we normally have a dusting at the end of Sep. Serious stuff starts in late October and skiing early December. All looked very pretty from the valley, standing in shorts and T-shirt next to the river. We had our usual end of summer storm on 7th September, lashing rain and high winds. I was the last one to get through on the old road from Velez del Venaudalla before it was closed for twenty four hours to let the bulldozers clear the avalanches away. Some bright spark had cleared all the vegetation from a large swathe of hillside and now his topsoil is in the storm drains alongside the road. Why do people underestimate the power of Mother Nature? Loads of fruit and vegetables around at the moment, there is a virtual glut of everything as summer ends and the fruit is picked. Another couple of months and the oranges will be running colour. We had some lovely fruit form our newly-planted garden, not a lot of it in this first year, but what there was tasted delicious. Some leaves are beginning to change colour, especially the vines. The Señorio de Nevada bodega is carefully watching its vineyards to optimise the picking is done at just the right time and then will be the birthing of a new wine. The bodega is winning prizes had over fist lately and an afternoon wine tasting in the cellars is an afternoon well spent. See http://www.senoriodenevada.es/cellar.html The whole bodega and cellars have been completely rebuilt, the old vines have been grubbed out and new varieties planted and a hotel has been built. The restaurant is the best this side of Granada city and is a great place to lose a Sunday afternoon with friends and family with prices no more than anywhere else. I’m feeling hungry already and it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday on Sunday. She was asking us where we wanted to eat………………….