Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Today is a normal day.  Drove 44 km and up and down 4000 feet through stunning countryside, met some lovely people, one of whom had been a bullfighter in his younger days and had the scars from some gorings to prove it, had a look at a couple of houses which the owner wanted to sell, two for the price of one.  One is a small and perfectly presented house and the other needs a complete restoration and the pair for only 68,500 euros.  that’s 50,000 pounds at today’s rates.  Buy both, live in one and restore the other in slow time then sell one of them and get your money back.  It’s what I did a few years back and had a free house at the end of it.  Then sold that house and had 100% profit on the sale price and a wonderful holiday home in the interim.  20% per annum interest and a house to live in as well. And no stress to earning it.  Not boasting, just saying.  Back to the office and did some admin, had a chat with some of the students in our total immersion school on the top two floors of our office building, took delivery of a jet-wash for the pool and surrounds so will clean and fill the pool this weekend and enjoy the 30ºC+ temperatures we have been having for this last week.,  Now it’s 16:30 and time to go back down the hill and then to Granada as it’s Friday and that means the city will be throbbing with people and not a drunk or a fight in sight.  Have a drink and tapa or two and just chill out.  How’s UK, by the way?