Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

This year I will be looking at the world through rose-tinted eyeballs.  One, because Spain is starting to rise from the ashes, I hear on the BBC.  And two, because after my vetrectomy, everything is rose-tinted post-op from the blood hanging around in my eyes.  I have had the chance to sit back a bit and take my nose from the grindstone and see what is going on.  House prices are ridiculously low at the moment and if anyone has any money they want to invest there is no better time for buying a property in Spain.  Some of the sales that I have made recently have been startling, at prices so far below the asking price that buyers almost feel like upping their offers after they have been accepted as they feel guilty for having made such a low offer and having had it accepted!  I certainly feel sorry for people here as they are brought back to harsh reality after the bubble burst four years ago, but they are getting a realistic price for their properties and will have to forego the Rolls for a while.  And that includes myself, I let my house go for 60% of its value because I wanted some cash at that time, (to re-invest in property of course.)  So come on down to the Lecrin valley and see it at its best, full of oranges and lemons and verdant in the extreme.  Loads of snow on top of the Sierra Nevada and last Friday I was down on the coast and the sea and sun were kissing each other.