Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

It has been a funny year, very busy with our new language school and also with the house rentals.  There has been no rain since May, although the reservoirs were full to the brim after the rainiest winter I have ever seen here.  Here at the moment it is glorious, bright blue skies, with temperatures around 17ºC during the day and 3ºC at night, making the lake steam in the mornings.  There isn’t much snow up on the Sierra Nevada, but the snow cannons make for good skiing.  Nothing of great consequence has been going on, the crisis is over we are told, but people are being a bit cautious with their money until the feel-good factor returns.  Except for  the vendors of houses who are offering ridiculously low prices now in the hope of getting a quick sale.  So come on down, it’s the best time for a bargain you are going to get as all is set to be sunshine and light next year as we haul ourselves out of the crisis.  If you know of anyone who needs to learn English, pass them the details our website, www.elvalleingles.es and they can learn in relaxed surroundings with great teachers and staff.  And if you want to buy a house at knocck-down prices, see www.lecrinvalleyproperty.com