Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Long time no write.  I don’t know if people think that is a good or bad thing, but rebus sic stantibus applies as beginning a new business, having our daughter around over the summer holidays to look after and the crisis have conspired to make things busier than ever.  We are in the process (in fact have run pilot courses) of starting a new company called Inmersion Total Idiomas, or Total Immersion in Languages  We offer courses where the students come to valley and are only spoken to in English, for example, for the duration of their stay.  They have lessons in English, stay with English families, do activities such as walking in the hills, cooking or painting, again with English speaking instructors.  They can practice skills such as conference participation, meetings, telephone speaking or anything else that they may need in their social or business lives.  At the end of their stay they will probably go away with a blinding headache, but it will be a blinding headache in English.  And I say that it is in English as that will be our core business, but we will offer whatever language is needed – Spanish, German, Arabic, French; you name it and we have or will find a teacher for it.

Life in the valley has been as ever, but very hot over the summer.  We have had the regulation September downpour which this year left us unmarked as we were sandwiched between Malaga and Murcia where they really suffered, including loss of life.  The crisis is biting hard and unemployment here in the valley is very high, especially for those under twenty-five.  Maria Jose is still with us and doing a sterling job, but Lidia has gone off to Barcelona to a different job in tourism there.  We now have Jacky with us and she is helping out in both companies.  The owners are here in force and it is good to see them after often long periods away.  I hope to be able to write more often, but make no promises.  Keep sweet one and all.