Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

Having a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains from my house I am fascinated by the cloud formations that roll over them.  Clouds you only ever read about in meteorological books or see on the news are commonplace.  And because of the great difference in temperatures betwen the mountain tops and the sea, only thirty kilometres away, there are often clouds with ruler-straight undersides at the head of the valley where the hot and cold air meet.  This winter has been fantastic in the valley, cloudless skies and temperatures into the twenties during the day, and marvellous starlit nights with the temperature well below zero.  I was up at sparrers this week doing something or other and the ground was frost-covered and the rivers running to the lake and the lake itself were both steaming.  As the water was part snow-melt the air temperature must have been well below freezing.  I was so taken by the sight I took some photos.  Here they are.Lake steamingLake steamingRestabal 

River steaming






  1. Yossa
    1:45 pm on May 15th, 2012

    Nice little blog. I live on the opposite side of the valley from you in Nigüelas and am jealous of your views of our beautiful mountain, Cerro Caballo.

    I visit Alesandro (Italian lady) and Paco`s bar occasionally, typically on a Sunday and like to explore the campo around the village.

    Salares is a gem of a spot.

  2. Many thanks, Yossa. A pity about Paco, but Alex is still going strong and serving up fantastic meals in various places around the valley. We have just moved to Melegis and the views there of Caballo are even more impressive.