Tales of the Lecrin Valley

A personal view of life in an andalusian village.

I love walking around the Albaicin, Granada`s old city, and looking at things like door furniture, the different types of hinges, knobs and knockers.  I have a gallery which I will put on the blog one day, but for this entry I have some photos of street names and my translations of them.  I may well be missing the subtleties of the meanings, but here they are.  If you have any better translations, please let me know.  I am having trouble putting captions under the photo, but if you put the cursor over the picture the name will appear.

The Garden of the Green MoonStreet of the Listeners or Street of the Appeal Court Judges

 The Curly-Haired One's Sweeties Street of the Waters of the AlbaicinThe Old White StreetThe Little Street of Idle ChatterersBlackmouth Street

Mary of the Honey's PassageThe Fennel of St Joseph

The Street of Moral`s OvenThe Square of the PondThe Butcher's SquareStreet of the Ball Point Pen

Street of the Mortars (as in pestle and mortar)

The sun is in the sky and the birds are again waking me up in the morning singing their hearts out, instead of sitting in their sodden nests and coughing to greet another rainy day.  In fact the weather is set fair for another couple of weeks, so we are hoping that it lasts into Easter as we have started to fill the houses already.  A repeat of Christmas and New Year just doesn’t bear thinking about.  Nothing of much import has happened this last week or two, apart from another surreal Sunday afternoon the week before last.  Alexandra has recovered enough to open the Salerosa and this time there was an Irishman playing an Arabic ud accompanied by a Spaniard playing guitar, an Armenian talking Dutch to a Dutchman who lives in a cave above Niguelas and spends the whole winter reading except for the odd sortie to a bar, and a variety of assorted characters chatting about everything from cheesemaking to construction.  And a holidaying English couple who were bemused by the whole thing.  Carmen and I are of to Fez next week for a few days.  Ryanair have cheap flights from Sevilla and we will be staying in the riad of a friend of ours, so that looks like fun.  I still can´t get to the finca so my oranges are swelling nicely, waiting for the road to be fixed so that I can do some harvesting.  Carmen’s parents are back so Agustin can get his cider bottled and his wine decanted, so another afternoon of wine and cider tasting to look forward to.  I can feel the hangover starting already!